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Pink Crystal Rocks

Awaken the codes of your  Feminine Essence and Magnetism

The time is now, take actions and invest in yourself. Embrace your inner sovereignty, triple your self-worth and embark on this life changing journey of personal growth, empowerment and life time romance.

  Hyper Magnetic Muse 

Unleash your inner Muse to embody the energy of allure, grace and Magnetism.


The Muse is a captivator and seductress but only choose a powerful King. Hyper Magnetic Muse Codes are high Feminine templates that are irresistible to Masculine Men.


A Hyper Magnetic Muse is a woman who awakens her Feminine Essence because she integrates all aspects of herself the Dark and the Light Femininity. Feminine Energy also means to be free, unbound by rules, liberal, and to play with desires. 


She knows how to channel these Energies to connect and align with her desires


 A Hyper Magnetic Muse is sexy, confident, seductive and irresistible.


A Hyper Magnetic Muse isn’t about being someone else, she owns her unique qualities, amplifies her authenticity and radiates confidence within.


She embraces her Feminine power and create a sense of Magnetic charm.


Sex appeal has a lot less to do with your face, body, and physical appearance,


it’s about being connected with the power of your sexuality which lies in how you feel.  


When you feel good and are connected to your sexuality, you will naturally be more magnetic.


Learn to be embodied in your Feminine, attract your King who keep pursuing you and wants to be in a devoted relationship with you.


This is a 16 weeks 1to1 Coaching program is for Spiritual Women who ready to be boldly authentic and attract their King.​


You’ll embody the energetics and learn the strategies of:  

  • . Being seen, desired, adored, loved and cherished for the Muse that you are.

  • ​ Ignite polarity with a man. Activate the energies of Allure, Devotion, Sensuality, Intrigue and Magnetism.​

  • . Build a solid foundation with your inner world for an aligned and devoted relationship.​. Transform and upgrade the relationship to yourself to attract your king who wants to commit with you.​

  • . Become a Muse of surrender. . Become a sensual, magnetic and receptive Muse.

  •  . Embody the Feminine principles of Magnetism.

  • . Regulate your nervous system to feel safe with your body, and trust undoubtedly yourself and men.

  •  . Clear deep generational love blocks.

  • . Quantum energetic codes to collapse your timeline Love.

  • . Awaken and embody your Feminine self-worth and confidence when dating men and remain truthful to who you are.

  • . Master the art of Feminine Communication from the inner Muse.

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