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Our Terms

By using our services your are legally and morally agreeing to the following:

You are courteous and aged 18 or over, with an open heart and an open mind. 

All services are subject to availability, offered for purposes of guidance and assistance, and given at our discretion and convenience.

There are no refunds for Coaching Courses, or a package of sessions paid for and booked. A min of 48h is required to reschedule a session previously booked otherwise the full fee will still apply. In the event of a medical emergency where the notice could not be given within 48h, the session will be rescheduled accordingly.

You are solely responsible for your own self, life-path and the fulfilment of your life’s purpose. The accuracy or effectiveness of any services cannot be guaranteed.

You have the ability to alter your own reality and future.

Goddess Elements is not to be held responsible or liable for the misuse of any services offered, and reserves the right to refuse or end services at any time.

Services are not intended or recommended as substitutes for any legal, medical, psychiatric or other orthodox types of professional assistance.

All blog text and images within blog posts are for educational purposes only. They are our thoughts, musings and opinions.

The full fee is applied for any appointment cancellations less than 48hrs.

You must secure an appointment time before and then make the payment for your session. Appointment only will be fully confirmed after payment.

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