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Meet Giada

Giada is the CEO and founder of Goddess Elements.

Giada Tramonti works internationally as an Intuitive Energy healer, Love & Relationship Coach, and a Belly Dancer. 

She is passionate about empowering successful women from staying stuck and unfulfilled in their relationships and unsuccessful dating patterns to become confidents, irresistible, magic, sensual High Valuable Queen.

As an Energy Healer of over 8 years, she has witnessed women stepping into their worth, self-love and value to attract a healthy and loving Soulmate love, to awaken their Feminine Energy to freely express their authenticity, shift their spiritual consciousness, achieve a deep transformation and healing and attract a devotional masculine love.

She has also helped women to release emotional imbalance and blocks, anxiety and fears so that they could finally live their life on a soul led level.


Why working with me?


I know the path you are on because I have once travelled it, and I also know how to change it. My approach is different because I combine Belly Dancing with subconscious mindset work, Intuitive Energy Clearing, Coaching, and strategic aligned actions to give you the fast results you want in love while having fun and feel at ease.


I work quickly to empower you, by rewiring your subconscious programming so that you feel deeply lovable, whole, high valuable, sensual, and magic. At the same time, I will guide you how to embody your beautiful feminine energy to embody the Goddess within.


You will naturally flow into the most exquisite version of yourself so that you can be cherished and adored like a Queen.


I will guide you how effortlessly triple your dating confidence and teach you how to communicate to a man with your feminine energy.


My personal Spiritual journey started over 20 years ago, I am trained in multiple approaches and healing modalities. As I witnessed fast healing and change within myself and my life, I apply the same process used to address my own resistance and self-sabotage to my love goals, to help women to achieve the same effective results. 


Being a passionate and intense woman, one of my deepest desires have always been to share an amazing and loving connection with my Soulmate, but instead I used to attract men who didn’t want to commit or emotionally unavailable.


Rather than giving up, I shifted my focus and my energy into personal growth, I did a lot of inner work and consciously choose to take consistent actions to change my reality. 


Fast forward, my journey led me to Belly Dancing, which was the missing puzzle to my complete awakening into my divine feminine power.


Belly dancing helped me to connect deeply with myself and embody my highest power. It allowed me to celebrate my body as the temple of my soul. Once, the body aligns the energy within, the soul experiences supreme oneness.


As I integrated this new version of myself, my desired Soulmate relationship manifested very quickly.


If you are ready to heal, to up level into the highest version of yourself, and to finally claim the divine Soulmate love that nourish your soul, the type of love where you feel emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual connection. To finally let go any resistance, fears, self-doubt, and old stories, to be totally committed to you, to take full responsibility for yourself and your life, then I am ready to help you to transform and evolve so that you can confidently manifest your Dream Love.

ThetaHealing®️ Game of Life

ThetaHealing®️ You and Creator 

ThetaHealing®️ Soul Mates Practitioner

ThetaHealing®️ You and Your Significant other Practitioner

ThetaHealing®️ Wealth Consciousness Practitioner

ThetaHealing®️ Dig Deeper

ThetaHealing®️ Family Tie Practitioner

ThetaHealing®️ Basic and Advanced Practitioner

Love and Relationship Coach

Assertiveness Coach

Access Bars Facilitator 

Access Consciousness Facilitator

Silent Coaching Practitioner 

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