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Meet Giada Tramonti

Giada is the CEO and founder of Goddess Elements.

Giada Tramonti works internationally as an Intuitive Energy healer, Feminine Communication and Masculine + Feminine Polarity expert, Love, Relationship and Feminine embodiment 

Coach, and a Belly Dance Teacher. 

As leading feminine, intimacy, a relationship polarity within the masculine + feminine energies and a Feminine communication expert with a vast knowledge and embodiment in energy medicine, spirituality and psychology, Giada helps strong and hyper-independent women  who want to soften, reclaim their Femininity, get out on a survival mode and heal their pain toward the Masculine. She guides women release toxic and unhealthy patterns in relationships and rise into sovereignty to attract authentic and healthy relationships.

Through her unique methods and style of polarity work, Giada combines deep cellular mindset reprogramming, energetic rewiring, nervous system repair and regulation, Coaching, soul-led strategies, womb Breathwork and Belly Dance, to give you fast results.


She helps women to radiate, and surrender into, their natural feminine essence. And as result, women triple their feminine 
self-worth and self-confidence, open up to their sensual and sexual power to create a life of purpose and in divine alignment with their most authentic self, and attract their ideal relationship with a masculine man and/or deepen the relationship with a current partner.

Whether you’re single or in a partnership, she helps you to unlock deeper intimacy and clear communication with your partner, while embodying healthy polarity in your relationship.

Her teachings and her craft have been designed to guide you into deep and intimate connection with the pleasures of your heart, your body, your sensuality, your sexuality and who you really are, whilst providing you with the necessary support and guidance to live and love in your fullest expression, in your life and in your relationships.


Giada is proud to have helped thousands women around the world to release core wounds, experience love in a way they deeply crave, create the intimacy and the relationship they desire with a masculine man, and/or elevate their relationship to a current partner, attract more abundance in all life areas from their Feminine magnetism, feeling sexier and confident in their own skin, finding their life purpose and much more.

Why working with me?

I know the path you are on because I have once travelled it, and I also know how to change it.

Leading up to my work mission, my own love life had been quite the journey. I remember being single, attracting unavailable men, and men who didn’t want to commit, over doing in order to receive love….to be in my now current committed relationship with my Soulmate and becoming a mother of a beautiful son.

I embarked on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, exploring what it meant to truly honour myself, mind, body and spirit, and truly loving myself for who I am.

And on that journey of deeply loving myself, I discovered the gift of the Feminine energy. 


This beautiful gift is available to all women.

It is through my Feminine energy embodiment that I truly found myself, I was able to manifest my now committed relationship, to live my life mission, to live a life in alignment with who I am, in alignment with my Feminine Essence.

It’s your turn to receive.

Will you be next?

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