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What My Clients say

Giada is an amazing intuitive healer, she can get to the bottom issue very quickly, I had few Theta Healing sessions with her and each time I felt a release and shift instantly. I highly recommend her work. 

Lucy M.

I had the pleasure to meet Giada years ago during a Theta Healing group session.  

Theta Healing does physical healing as well as belief work on four different levels: core (what you've learned since childhood), historical (what your ancestors believed that has filtered down to you), genetic (what your body is holding onto and believes to be healthy for you even if it isn't) and the soul.  

I was looking for a healing modality that helps the physical body and approaches and changes the conscious and subconscious beliefs that I knew were leading all of us through our lives.
It was the right decision to involve Giada's experiences and gifts in my Path.  

Lately, I did with Giada the "Limitless Goddess Container" package.  

All sessions were unique and profound, combining Theta Healing, Life Coaching, and Belly Dance sessions. Plus, a lovely personal meditation. 

I made the decision when I felt ready to face the past and embrace everything. It was not an easy journey, but Giada and her guidance made everything flawless.  

Giada helped me to have clarity and tools.   

She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide.  

Giada, thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve.  

I would highly recommend Giada.  

She's a beautiful Soul.  

Rosi C

Good morning Giada, last night I dreamt of a pair of beautiful quartz and pyrite earring studs. I look up the meaning and it says to dream of quartz signifies the union between masculine and feminine energies. ✨💫 I am feeling that and feeling balance. Thank you! Jada xx 


Working with Giada, I realised I was showing up with my masculine side with all my relationships with men. As results, I was attracting men who didn’t want to commit or left me confused. Giada helped me to clear my blocks, fears and doubts, I now feel empowered and confident, I no longer need to prove my worth. I feel at ease and comfortable to own my femininity, I no longer feel ashamed. I am more balanced and feel whole and complete.

Jo, London

I am so incredibly happy for the session we did today! I can start feeling excitment for my life and for what is yet to come. I can feel my inner self is allowed to bloom and be that witty, warm and loving essence within me. It's like that essence is ready to come out and play and experience life on this earth. It is such a great feeling!I can also feel the self-confidence, self-worth within rising. I am so grateful that I decided to get these five sessions with you. Thank you for helping me releasing the traumas stuck in my body in a such loving way. I always feel very safe to share what ever comes up in the session even when what comes up surprises me. It's all perfect! Thank you for this! ❤️


He told me that he is falling in love with me!!!Thank you so much Giada 😊


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