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How to awaken and tap into your Feminine Energy

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Being a woman is one thing. Embracing, accepting, and using your full potential as a female is another. We now live in a society where feminine energy is not glorified but rather suppressed, and that demands more masculine energy in us to operate, belong, and be accepted. This masculine energy translates to qualities like drive, independence, competitiveness, and confidence, which are required to succeed in today’s world. These are good qualities which are needed whenever we want to achieve a goal or something in our lives. Indeed, they may have allowed women to become successful and leaders within their career, but they have also led to us losing touch with our real power – our real magic. Because we’ve prioritized masculine over feminine energy, the key to this puzzle is balance; it is achieving harmony between these two types of energies.

Are you aware of the powerful and magical energy you carry within you? If the answer is no, it’s time for you to tap in, activate and awaken this infinite, creative, joyful, playful, pure, and open force starting today.

Feminine energy is power. Feminine essence is flow. It is fullness. It is radiance and it is life force itself. It is an instinctual wild nature that all women possess. It is the unexplainable knowing. It is chaos and wilderness. It is not Doing. It is Being. The Feminine state is a state of constant play that wants to surrender, it wants to dance in ecstasy and taken by the Masculine.

Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is the assertive, direct and action-oriented force in the Universe.

You can trust it to be consistent and constant. You can surrender to it and know that it will stand no matter what. The masculine wants the feminine to surrender and fill him up with energy. The more feminine you are as woman, the more masculine the man you will be attracting and vice versa.

How to connect with your Feminine Essence?

Be open to receive

As women, we have the power to receive, amplify, and give back.

Allow yourself to receive more. Ask for support when you need it, get yourself gifts, pamper yourself, and make receiving a vital part of your experience. To start with, its a knowing and a deep belief that you are enough and worthy to receive. Its becoming okay with the feeling of openness that its necessary to truly receive.


Surrender doesn't mean inactive. It is a relaxed action instead. Whenever you feel a tension inside, stop and listen to your body. You may want to sit still and breathe and empty yourself. Send the stress down your body, into the earth. Choose to do whatever is good for you to feel relaxed and joyful again. Surrender and flow imply no attachment. Totally be in your present moment and relax, try something that gives you pleasure and joy. Flow is connected with a Feminine Element that teaches us about Connectedness and Power.

Create Something

Feminine Energy is a creative Energy.

What is your passion? What gives you joy and bliss? Perhaps is write a poem or a song, or cook a lovely meal for yourself and others. Let go of any expectations and connect with the Energy of Creation.

Get your body moving

The Divine Feminine energy is all about creation and receiving. A power source of this energy comes from our sacral chakra (just a few inches below the belly button) which is the chakra spinning around in correlation to our wants, needs, desires, sexuality, and creation. Our creativity, visions, and sensuality is a beautiful flow of feminine energy coming online within our body. Get out of your head and into your Body by intentionally living in your Body and making your life more sensually orientated. Play your favourite music, close your eyes (if you wish) and let your body flow. Get this energy moving and flowing with your inner Essence.


The more we allow ourselves to unplug and tune in to our inner worlds, the more in touch we can be with ourselves. It is in moments of meditation we nourish the mind, body, and spirit. When slowing down and bringing our focus to the breath, we can create space to fill our tanks and receive moments of inspiration. Anyone would benefit greatly from making time to meditate at least once a day. (please visit my online store for some guided meditations)

Benefits of Increasing your Feminine Essence

Feminine energy is radiant. It’s beauty and grace personified. Feminine energy inspires creativity and art. The feminine attracts what she wants simply by existing in her natural state of flow.

To the masculine, the feminine is like taking a big drink of water when you’re thirsty. It’s what makes life worth living.

When you’re in your feminine, life feels easy. Pleasure exists everywhere. You’ll tap into your natural magnetism – which is what happens when you inhabit your natural side of the spectrum.

You’ll get really good at sensuality – at experiencing the pleasures of life constantly through your senses. You’ll get really good at receiving from others, whether that’s compliments, money, gifts, or more.

You’ll also form a deep connection to your intuition. Your life will include more synchronicities; you’ll be living in a way that feels true to you. The feminine allows you, requires you, really to soften and feel.

What kind of woman do you choose to be?

Would you like more details or help to connect with your inner self?

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